After your grant is approved

After your grant is approved

Do we have to spend the money with the supplier whose quotes were used in the application?

Generally yes, unless there is a good reason why this was not possible. If you would like to use a different supplier, send us a new quote and a message explaining the change before you spend any of your grant funds. 

If we are funding a role within your organisation and the person in that role changes, let us know. We will need a signed copy of the new person's employment agreement or a quote before we can transfer the grant funds.

How is payment made?

Approved grants will be paid by direct credit to your organisation’s nominated bank account.

At what point can we buy our items?

Legislation requires that NZCT doesn’t make a grant to reimburse money already spent by a grant applicant. That means you must wait until your grant application has been approved before paying for goods or services. You can’t get around this by asking a third party to pay the costs up front on the promise of reimbursement from grant funds at a later time. We will still consider the payment has been made and will not be eligible for grant funding.

If we find your grant has been used to pay for goods and services, including deposits on travel or accommodation bookings, bought before your grant was approved, we will ask for the funds to be returned to us.