How grants are processed

What happens to your grant application?

We receive around 400 grant applications each month. Provided you have supplied all the information requested, we will generally have a decision for you within four weeks. Here’s how our grants are processed:

  1. Incoming applications are checked for completeness and assessed against gambling regulations and NZCT funding criteria. We also check to ensure your organisation doesn't have any outstanding accountability relating to previous grants.
  2. If your application comes from a region where we have a Regional Advisory Committee (RAC), we'll send it to the committee to review. The RAC members meet at the beginning of each month to consider grant applications and make funding recommendations based on their local knowledge and expertise. 
  3. RAC recommendations are passed on to NZCT's Net Proceeds Committee (NPC), which makes the final decisions on all grant requests.
  4. Successful applicants are advised when the payment is made into their bank account. This is usually within three to five days of the NPC meeting. Unsuccessful applicants are advised of the NPC’s decision by email shortly after the NPC meeting.


The role of the NPC

NZCT’s NPC comprises any three of NZCT's trustees. The committee meets monthly to consider recommended applications and make grant decisions. NZCT's chief executive is not a trustee, nor a member of the NPC, so he is completely independent of the grants decision process.