Accounting for your grant expenditure

We have a legal obligation to check the money we’ve given our grant recipients has been used properly. We would appreciate if you could reconcile your accountability documentation before you send it to us. If there is a discrepancy between the amount charged and amount paid, provide an explanation and documentation to support this.


Appropriate payment types

All grant money must be spent by cheque, credit card or electronic transfer through your organisation’s bank account. We don't accept receipts for cash payments. 

Any costs incurred or payments made, including a third party’s payment, before your grant was approved aren't eligible to receive grant funds. We can't accept any accountability documents that show retrospective dates. You'll be asked to refund these grant funds.


Appropriate payees

We prefer you don’t use a third party to pay the invoices for your grant items. However, we understand there are times where you have no other option. In these cases, only allow one person to make the payment. See below for the accountability requirements in these special circumstances. 


Appropriate documentation

Tax invoices and bank statements are appropriate accountability documents, but quotes, receipts, pro forma invoices, ledger reports and Excel spreadsheets are not. When accounting for your grant, the following documentation is required.

For goods or services (e.g. sports uniforms, accommodation)

We need to see tax invoices and/or bank statements showing all or full payment(s) of the invoice you're claiming.

For salaries

We fund the gross amount as per the employment contract submitted with your grant application. Even if you use a payroll company (e.g. Datacom or IPayroll) to administer your salaries, we require an IRD Schedule (IR345 and IR348), a bank statement showing all wages paid each month (if the wages are paid in a bulk amount, we will require copies of the batch list making up the bulk amount, so we can see the funded employee’s payment) and a bank statement showing the PAYE paid.

If you are only claiming part of any given month, you must give written clarification of this, but still provide a list of all wages paid so we can reconcile them against the gross amount in the IRD return.


Special circumstances

If a member of your organisation pays for the goods or services for which NZCT funding has been approved, and then they seek reimbursement, this is classed as a ‘third party’ payment. In this case, we require:

• a tax invoice

• the third party’s bank statement showing that he/she has made the initial payment

• the organisation’s bank statement showing the reimbursement to the third party.


Funding given to schools

When a school receives funding from NZCT and they use an outside provider to pay their accounts (e.g. education services), we will require copies of their bank statements showing they have on-paid the funds to the supplier. Transferring funds from the school account to that company is not considered payment of the invoice.