Are you eligible?

Can your organisation apply for an NZCT grant?

If we have gaming machines generating funds in your community, then we are likely to have funds available for distribution.

See if there is an NZCT venue in your area. 

All applicants must be registered entities, for example, under the Charities Act, Charitable Trust Act or Incorporated Societies Act, or, in some circumstances, not‐for-profit organisations registered under the Companies Act.

All requests must be for future spending, not for expenditure already incurred, in other words, you must confirm your grant application has been approved before spending any funds, otherwise they will be deemed to be retrospective and will have to be refunded.

Apply for funding


  • We will not fund things that have already been funded by another source (i.e. we will only fund the net cost of an activity).
  • Grants will not be made to individuals, to closed groups where membership is discretionary, or for private (rather than public) purposes.
  • Funds must be spent specifically for the purpose(s) approved by NZCT. These purposes must be of direct and immediate benefit to your organisation.
  • The grant purposes must comply with the Gambling Act 2003, Gambling Regulations 2004 and NZCT's licence conditions.
  • We do not fund fundraisers.
  • We do not fund activities that support political candidates or parties.