What we look for

What we take into consideration

We prefer not to fund an organisation's standard operating costs, like rent or power bills. Grant applications should only be made for activities or items that would not be possible without additional grant funding.

Our Net Proceeds Committee will consider the 'outcomes' expected from the grant funding. The committee will be interested in how these outcomes are measured. It will also want to know if the grant is going towards your organisation's main priorities - we will generally be more inclined to fund 'must haves' rather than 'nice to haves'.

In considering your application we look at the other activities your organisation is doing to meet its financial targets. We also look at how your organisation is making a positive difference in your local community.

Prohibited connections

The Gambling Act prohibits the people who work at, or have a significant interest in, our gaming venues from being involved in the grant applications we process (e.g. as members of the applicant organisation or as suppliers of goods or services that are the subject of the grant application). To comply with the Gambling Act, NZCT checks and automatically declines all grant applications that suggest a link between venues and applicants.