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You can find all the information you need about applying to us for a grant in this section. We recommend you start on the page called 'Making a successful application'. If you then want to find further detail about how and when to apply to us for a grant and what it involves, head over to our questions and answers about grants.

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> Questions and answers about grants

When you're ready to apply to us for a grant, you'll find a red button that says 'Apply for funding' in the top right-hand corner of every page on this website.


Grants we have awarded

Below are grant decisions made since 1 October 2013. You can search by geographical location, dollar amount, organisation type or date. We encourage grant recipients to find their grant and upload photos or comments about the outcomes it helped them achieve.

Download our Grant Statistics factsheet (PDF, 138 kb)

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Organisation Name Amount
Auckland Hockey Umpires Association Inc $2,087
Auckland Kids Achievement Trust (trading Graham Dingle Foundation) $40,967
Auckland Lacrosse Association Inc $5,000
Auckland Lacrosse Association Inc $3,500
Auckland Mountain Bike Club Incorporated $4,700
Auckland Netball Centre Inc $60,000
Auckland Netball Centre Inc $115,000
Auckland Paraplegic & Physically Disabled Assn Inc $15,000
Auckland Philharmonia Trust $5,000
Auckland Philharmonia Trust $8,000
Auckland Rowing Association Inc $50,000
Auckland Rowing Club Inc $7,000
Auckland Rugby League Inc $43,462
Auckland Softball Association Inc $40,000
Auckland Sport $280,000
Auckland Swimming Association Inc $15,000
Auckland University Hockey Club Inc $5,800
Auckland Wheelchair Rugby Association Inc $8,000
Auckland Womens Centre Inc $6,000
Auckland YMCA Inc $3,000
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