Exclusion orders

Every NZCT venue has a 'venue nominee' on duty whenever gaming machines are operating. This person is responsible for ensuring the venue maintains responsible gambling standards. They have been trained in procedures for implementing responsible gambling. They are able to identify potential and actual problem gamblers, and will advise on exclusion orders and provide information to help anyone with a gambling problem.


About exclusion orders

A self-exclusion order voluntarily removes the temptation to continue gambling by breaking the gambling cycle. It can also help the rehabilitation process for problem gamblers undergoing treatment.

If you believe you might have a gambling problem, you can talk directly to our trained venue staff about excluding yourself from that venue. The venue can then issue you with a self-exclusion order as they are required to by law. The orders are venue-specific, so if you want to ban yourself from more than one venue, you need to complete one at each venue you want help to be excluded from. In some areas, problem gambling service providers will organise multi-venue exclusions for their clients.   


The process

Venue staff might also suggest a self-exclusion order if they believe you are at risk of developing a gambling problem. When this occurs, you will, where possible, have the chance to talk to the venue manager in private. You will be advised that you will be legally excluded from the whole venue, not just the gaming rooms, for any time up to two years. Once the exclusion order is complete, this time cannot be shortened.

You will be asked to supply a photograph of yourself and this will be attached to the exclusion order to help venue staff identify you if you attempt to re-enter the premises. On completion, a copy of the order and an explanation of the terms will be given to you. A copy is also kept at the venue, and another copy is retained by NZCT's compliance and regulatory manager.


The legal ramifications

If you breach the order, you are liable for a $500 fine.

If you refuse to complete a self-exclusion order, the venue operator may impose a compulsory exclusion order. If possible, you will be provided with a copy, and the same conditions and penalties apply as for a self-exclusion order.

Our venues are private property and, at any time, venue staff have the ability to ask any patron to leave the premises, or deny them access, and no reason needs to be given for this.