Problem gambling help

Help is available

If you think you or someone close to you has a gambling problem, we encourage you to seek professional help. Several problem gambling organisations provide free help for those in need. 

Find a service near you (Ministry of Health website)


Effective problem gambling services

Research has found that New Zealand's problem gambling services are making a positive difference to those negatively affected by problem gambling. 

In particular, findings from the inaugural baseline report on the Ministry of Health's Preventing and Minimising Gambling Harm Strategy showed problem gambling services are "effectively raising awareness" about the harm from gambling.  The report also showed that interventions for gambling-related harm are "moderately accessible, highly responsive, and moderate to highly effective". 

> Read the baseline report (PDF)

Also, the world’s largest clinical trial for problem gambling treatment found that one year after calling the Gambling Helpline three-quarters of callers had quit or significantly reduced their gambling. 

> Read the report on the clinical trial (PDF)

This research provides a level of assurance for local communities, councils and the government.

> Download NZCT's problem gambling fact sheet (PDF, 774kb)