$5,000 for refurbishment of swimming pool at Kai Iwi School

$5,000 for refurbishment of swimming pool at Kai Iwi School

Ross Harvey, Principal at Kai Iwi School, is happy that NZCT awarded his school $5,000. Thanks to this grant Kai Iwi School could refurbish the leaky swimming pool.

"At the end of last year after the children had finished swimming, we noticed our pool was leaking. After getting it looked at it was obvious that a quick fix was not going to do the job. We decided to have the pool refurbished with a fibreglass inner to prevent further cracks and leaking."

Ross realised that this was not going to be cheap, so he applied for a grant from NZCT to help finance the refurbishment. "Thank goodness they gave us a grant of $5,000 towards refurbishing the pool. The job is now completed and all students are swimming again and having swimming lessons every day. This may not have been the case if we hadn't been able to raise the funds," explains Ross.

The pool at Kai Iwi School is available for both the students and the community. "It is such an important part of a country school to have a pool for our kids to learn to swim in and for our community to come together during those hot, sunny weekends and holidays. For me as principal it is rewarding that our school can keep the pool open and not have to close it like many schools over the years had to do."