Taradale Community Pool set to reopen thanks to help from NZCT

Taradale Community Pool set to reopen thanks to help from NZCT

NZCT has recently approved a grant of $3,695 towards the fire and security services installation at the Taradale Community Pool in Napier.

It is a boost to the Taradale Community Pool Trust Board, which has been tasked with finding over $900,000 to fix and redevelop the pool. Potential structural issues shut the doors on the pool at Taradale Primary School in December 2016, impacting 3000 children and adults who used the facility every year.

Along with NZCT, a number of other community funders have provided or pledged funding to the project, including the Napier City Council. There has also been strong support from the local community through donations and pro bono services.

When the pool reopens later this year, an estimated 47,000 swim attendances will be occurring again in the Taradale community.

Youthtown has the contract to run the pool once it’s re-opened, ensuring school swimming, learn-to-swim lessons and club swimming can once again take place at the Taradale Pool. Youthtown has also come on board with a $50,000 commitment to the pool rebuild.

“Reopening the community pool at Taradale is a very worthwhile project and NZCT is proud to be part of it,” says NZCT Communications Manager Tanya Piejus. “For the year ended 30 September 2018, NZCT distributed over $44 million to local communities. Most of the organisations who received grants were small community organisations like the Taradale Community Pool Trust Board that have a sporting focus.”