Bowling them over in Waitakere

Bowling them over in Waitakere

PINS ten-pin and entertainment centre in Waitakere offers a mix of entertainment options apart from bowling with pool tables, video games, a bar and one of NZCT’s most popular gaming rooms. PINS has been owned by Stephen Penney since 2003 and he has been associated with gaming venues for over twenty years.

“We treat gaming as a part of our business, which is as important as any other, and ensure service levels are maintained across all sectors. We very much train and encourage staff to engage with the customer,” says Stephen. “People like the mix of entertainment and we tend to get a different gaming patron to bars with a higher percentage of female players.”

Stephen is passionate about ten-pin as a sport and has managed and coached Waitakere teams to a string of national titles. Promoting the sport is part of the team culture at PINS. Centre manager, Sarah Young, is the current New Zealand women’s champion.

Stephen says, “The great thing about this business is that people come here to have fun, so come through the door with a positive mind-set. Our job is to help them enjoy themselves and I think, based on our success, that we do a great job with that.”