Christchurch City BMX Club receives NZCT grant towards track upgrade

Christchurch City BMX Club receives NZCT grant towards track upgrade

A grant of over $15,000 from NZCT will enable the Christchurch City BMX Club to asphalt the corners of their track in Hornby as part of a significant upgrade of the facility.

“This funding is vital to allow the club to develop and maintain the facilities to benefit our members as well as the local community,” says Vice-President John Edwards. “Our membership subscriptions cover basic expenses but not things such as track improvements. It is important for our club that it remains affordable enough that children get the opportunity to learn bike skills and self-confidence. Funding from the likes of NZCT has a massive impact on the experience they get to have with the club.”

Club members and the wider public will now have the ability to train on the new corners, which are at the national standard for BMX track design and specifications. This is vital as all national championship tracks for the last 10 years have had asphalt corners and the club’s riders would be significantly disadvantaged by not having the ability to train on asphalt corners in preparation for national events.

Not only will BMX riders in Christchurch be able to train and compete on a national standard track but also the club will be able to host major meets and events, benefiting the club and the local community. “Holding major events has many benefits,” says John. “Club and local riders will have a ‘home track advantage’ when competing at these events. Major events also tend to bring in money from competitors and their families into the local community. It also provides the opportunity to develop and maintain the track and surrounds to meet the requirements of hosting major events.”

The Christchurch City BMX Club currently has about 100 members, mostly children aged 10 years and younger. Regionally, about 200 riders will use the track during the BMX season. “On top of this thousands of people in the local community use the facilities and our club is proud to provide a resource to the community that families can access for free,” says John.