Communication is the key to harm minimisation

Communication is the key to harm minimisation

Sixteen years as the owner and manager of the Eastside Tavern in Hamilton has taught Nick Field a thing or two about how to make sure his team demonstrate an exemplary culture of care towards their gaming room patrons.

“It’s all about communication,” he says. “NZCT provides great tools and training. We get new team members to work through the online training as part of their initial induction. Then we follow that up with a full sit-down session with Michelle from NZCT.

“Our team are constantly monitoring the gaming room and also ensuring they keep track of everyone who walks in. We have good video surveillance for when the bar’s busy.

“I continually stress the importance of harm minimisation and tell them to observe, be aware and make notes all the time on any worrying gambling behaviour they see. NZCT’s new incident recording sheet makes it easy to keep a record with the tick boxes, but you’ve also got the fill out the back in detail with what behaviour you saw and how you managed it. 

“I urge my team to be as prudent as I am. Leading by example is critical.”