Enterprise Aquatic Swim Team receives $58,903 for swimming pool renovation

Enterprise Aquatic Swim Team receives $58,903 for swimming pool renovation

Many volunteer hours as plumber have come to an end for Gary Martin, head coach of the Enterprise Aquatic Swim Team, to maintain the club-run public swimming pool. Thanks to NZCT's grant of $58,903, the club can replace the very outdated heat pumps and filter system. The new units will save the club not only many hours for repairs and maintenance, but also high power costs.

Funding Officer Paul Evans explains that the heat pumps and filter system of the swimming pool were not meant to last as long as they have. "Luckily our head coach Gary Martin is also a plumber. He has been able to ensure that the pumps and filter system were well serviced and repaired. But now they are truly past their lifespan, and maintenance costs are escalating. Add this to other running costs, and we soon find ourselves in a difficult situation financially."

Paul says NZCT's grant is important to ensure that the facility can continue to provide a safe and clean experience for club members who are training, schools who are coming for lessons in swimming and water survival, and the public who are using the pool. "The impact of the new filter system is immediately noticeable for the users. The pool water will be cleaner, and we will use less chlorine due to the new filter technology. This makes the water easier on skin and eyes."

According to Paul, the next steps are to ensure that the system is installed and in good working order. "We are extremely excited about being able to do this with the generous support of NZCT. Our club needs to spend less on maintenance now, which means that we can use our fundraising efforts for the benefit of our club members to travel and compete," concludes Paul.

Enterprise Aquatic Swim Team was founded in 1965. Formerly called the Mclashen Swim Club, the committee made a bold call in the early 1980s to build their own covered swimming pool on land gifted to them by the Gisborne District Council. The Enterprise Swim Centre opened in 1986 under coach Gary Martin, who is still the head coach. Today the swimming pool is a multi-use facility and a vital asset to the Gisborne community that draws no assistance from Council funding.