Huringa Pai Charitable Trust offers life-changing health opportunities

Huringa Pai Charitable Trust offers life-changing health opportunities

NZCT awarded Huringa Pai Charitable Trust over $10,000 towards a sound system, banners, gazebo, tri bikes and t-shirts to widen the opportunities for Huringa Pai to stimulate more whanau to change lifestyles and get healthier.

Chairman Willem Jordaan says NZCT's grant is very welcome. "Especially for the whanau living with diabetes type 2. We support them in their journey to get rid of it. We also believe that by engaging our tamariki, we will see a sustainable change in the future.

"Having the sound system gives us the freedom to use it for all our events," continues Willem. "Especially our Huringa Pai whanau fitness classes every Tuesday and Thursday at Ilminster School hall. These group fitness classes are relying on sound for music and for our instructors to be heard properly. As the sound system is mobile we can take it anywhere in the community where we have events. It is a welcome professional addition to our pop-up events and whanau celebration days.

"With the tamariki tri bikes we can now engage our local tamariki in duathlon and triathlon fun events. We will use our local parks set up and invite our tamariki to join in. It gives them something fun and healthy to engage in on a Friday afternoon and the build-up to take part in the Weetbix Kids TRYathlon every year.

"With our gazebo, we can set up on any park in our community and have fun events to promote healthy lifestyle change. This supports our kaupapa of connecting to our land and whanau to get healthy."

Willem Jordaan says he is proud to be part of the positive change in the health of whanau. "More so it is because they are making the change for themselves. There is no better reward to see someone who had diabetes changing lifestyle with the result of not having diabetes anymore. Every day, there are so many things going on around town with our Huringa Pai whanau at the front. They are leading the positive change, because they are proud of their accomplishments. This makes all effort worthwhile a hundred times over," ends Willem.

Huringa Pai is a health and fitness movement that addresses pre-diabetes, diabetes and heart disease. A frustrated GP Dr Willem Jordaan started it in 2015. In mid-2016 the movement became a charitable trust with a board of trustees consisting of whanau who have become role models and leaders in the community.