Lighting upgrade for Ellwood Park in Hastings

Lighting upgrade for Ellwood Park in Hastings

The Hastings Rugby & Sports Club has been given a $6,500 grant from NZCT towards upgrading the floodlights for the junior rugby fields at Ellwood Park.

The grant is a real boost for junior rugby in Hawke's Bay. The Hastings Rugby & Sports Club has a large number of registered junior players with about 300 aged between 5 and 13 years old.

“This funding from NZCT is very important,” says Jack Sanders, CEO for Sportslink Charitable Trust which is responsible for the administration services of the Hastings Rugby & Sports Club and Ellwood Park. “Upgrading the current floodlights will allow more opportunities for our junior rugby teams to train at night. Most are coached by parents who work full-time, so there is only a limited window in the early evening for teams to train in.”

The grant from NZCT will increase the number of floodlit fields available to use as the current lights at Ellwood Park don’t provide enough light to train under effectively.

“The club has some very enthusiastic volunteers who work really hard to organise rugby for our junior teams,“ says Jack. “The grant from NZCT will help grow participation and a greater number of children will get the chance to train more often and under better and safer conditions.”

The project also provides a positive outcome for the wider community. Hawke's Bay representative rugby teams will benefit from the upgraded lighting at Ellwood Park through increased opportunities to train.

“We want to thank NZCT for their support,” says Jack. “The application process has been very efficient and easy to complete. This grant will have a big impact.”