Little trooper 'Suzie' helps restore Motutapu

Little trooper 'Suzie' helps restore Motutapu

NZCT gave funding to Motutapu Restoration Trust last year to purchase a Farm Worker Suzuki truck for its volunteer restoration programme on Motutapu in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

Trust manager Liz Brooks said, "This 'Suzie' has been a wonderful asset and addition to the Trust's resources. This winter we have planted 16,000 plants, all grown in our nursery on the island from eco-sourced seed, and then transported to the planting site about 6 km away in the Suzie and trailers. In the last year, we have had almost 4000 volunteer days on the island.

"Access to the planting site has been boggy, muddy and difficult this year and sometimes the wee little Suzie is the only vehicle they could get through to the site. She is a little trooper! This planting could not happen without the Suzie.

"NZCT is helping conserve our environment and facilitating huge community involvement as volunteers in this, the largest community-led conservation project on a pest-free island in the country."

Time-lapse video made by University of Auckland students to show a planting day in action.