Major maintenance for Hawke's Bay athletics track

Major maintenance for Hawke's Bay athletics track

NZCT recently awarded the Hawke’s Bay Regional Sports Park Trust almost $47,000. Thanks to this grant, the Trust is able to clean, repair and re-mark the athletics track in Sports Park Hawke’s Bay. Sponsorship coordinator Julie Greene said, “This grant helps us to cover significant costs to run a first-class facility.”

According to Julie Greene, repairs and maintenance are necessary to prolong the life of the athletics track. “The Hawke’s Bay Regional Sports Park Trust is a charitable trust. We work hard to keep the costs for our users low. If we don’t spend money now, we’ll need to pay for a track replacement bill of $300,000 much earlier. These costs are difficult to fund out of normal operations. User charges are heavily subsidised. They need to be, otherwise sport would be unaffordable to many users.”

The maintenance work is also necessary to keep the athletics track’s Class 2 status. This means it can host events, such as the Commonwealth Games trials in the summer of 2018.

Julie Greene says the repairs and maintenance will be finished in time for the opening of the athletics season in mid-October. “I am proud of the facilities the Sports Park provides for the Hawke’s Bay community. It is exciting to be part of a dynamic and hard-working group. We all try to create these amazing spaces for Hawke’s Bay people to play sport on and host events like Relay for Life or the Mitre 10 Kids Challenge. We think the facility is the best in New Zealand.”

The Hawke’s Bay Regional Sports Park Trust was established in 2008 to develop sports, recreation and event facilities in Hawke’s Bay. The Trust manages the operation of the Sports Park.