Magical music

Magical music

This year’s NZCT Chamber Music Contest is currently underway, with around 2,000 young Kiwi musicians and composers competing for top honours. The contest, which is the longest running secondary school chamber music competition in New Zealand, provides wonderful experience and opportunities for young musicians. 

Throughout June, competitors have been performing across the country, vying for a place in the finals (which will be held 1 -2 August in Christchurch). This highly regarded competition is seen as a springboard for young New Zealanders to establish their musical careers.  It encourages young musicians to set goals and strive towards excellence, and helps them learn important life skills such as co-operation, collaboration and discipline within a team.

The contest also provides an opportunity for musical activities within schools to have a link with the wider community at both a local and national level.

NZCT is committed to helping young people achieve their best.  We are a long term supporter of this contest because we hope that, by supporting competitions like this, young Kiwis are inspired to work hard, to excel in their chosen field and to reach for their goals.

Our thanks to Simon Darby for these images.