New mower for Corormandel Golf Club

New mower for Corormandel Golf Club

NZCT has approved a funding application of over $10,000 towards replacing Coromandel Golf Club’s old mower with a new one that makes maintenance of the course easier. 

Coromandel Golf Club has a long tradition of self-help. Up until today, much of the course and building maintenance is carried out by a team of volunteers. The course is set on 16 hectares, less than half of which is fairway, so there are more than eight hectares of rough to mow.   

President of the club, Ed Buckett, says: "The mower that we are replacing with NZCT's grant is over 20 years old. Its main structural deck was rusting out and needed repair by one of the members. The new mower is similar to the old one but benefits from some improvements in design that make maintenance easier and give greater durability for some components." 

The new mower will be delivered in the next few days. The volunteers that will use it will be briefed on its operation, and then it will take over the job of maintaining and grooming the rough. 

"With 112 members we have to be careful with our finances," continues Ed. "Grants from NZCT are really appreciated in our effort to keep the sport affordable and present the course well. Our course is not long but is beautifully presented. Visitors frequently comment on the challenge and presentation of the course. This is in part due to the grooming of the rough and the definition of the fairways. With this new mower we are expecting a better cut of the rough and some improvements in playing conditions."