New outboard motors for Wanganui Sailing Club

New outboard motors for Wanganui Sailing Club

Good news for the Wanganui Sailing Club. NZCT awarded the club $7,000 to buy two outboard motors to replace the old ones. The new outboard motors are safer and cheaper to maintain.

Since 1999, the Wanganui Sailing Club has provided a junior sailing programme aimed at intermediate schools, years 7 and 8. On average around 320 students a year attend the sailing school at Pauri Lake.

Treasurer Bob Davies says NZCT's grant makes the replacement of two outboard motors, which have been used since 2010, possible. The new motors are safer and cost-effective. "The new outboard motors have a single forward/back throttle control and electric start mechanism. This means safer control of the boats on the water in groups of children. One of the risks that we face when teaching students to sail is the propeller in the water with students swimming. We need to be able to turn off the motor when sailors are in the water close to the motorboat, and the electric start will make this easier.

“From an economic perspective, the old motors have been showing a need for more maintenance,” continues Bob. “This had an impact on the costs of running the junior sailing programme. To make our lessons affordable by all we need to minimise costs."

Now that the season for school sailing is coming to an end, Wanganui Sailing Club will bring in the boats from the lake to install the new outboard motors.