New sprung floor for ARGOS Gymnastics Club

New sprung floor for ARGOS Gymnastics Club

NZCT awarded ARGOS Gymnastics Club $45,000 of the total $75,000 needed to buy a new sprung floor. Thanks to this new floor, the club can guarantee a safe and well-equipped community facility that promotes gym as a way to stay active, learn new skills and build confidence.

Amy O'Neil is Centre Manager at ARGOS. She says the new sprung floor is an essential part of all the gymnastics programmes. "Reflective of the population growth occurring across the Bay of Plenty region, we are experiencing increased demand for participation. Therefore it is vital that we maintain or replace our equipment to meet safety standards.

"As a not-for-profit club, we rely on grants from organisations like NZCT to assist with the purchase of new equipment to keep our fees affordable," continues Amy. "Gymnasts only need their bodies, no shoes or equipment. As a club we are responsible for providing certified and safe equipment. No local companies are manufacturing this equipment, so it comes from Europe."

According to Amy there is another reason why the sprung floor is important for the club. "We are proud to host gymnastics for Tauranga’s annual AIMS Games competition where over 400 athletes participate over four days. This nationwide, intermediate-age tournament brings thousands of children to the Bay of Plenty every September. The new sprung floor meets the required size and specifications for this event."