New stand-up paddle boards for 180 Degrees Trust

New stand-up paddle boards for 180 Degrees Trust

180 Degrees Trust can buy four new stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) for their Outdoor Education Programme, thanks to a grant from NZCT. Senior Youth Coordinator Hayden Devine says the SUPs will provide a unique setting for one-to-one sessions.

180 Degrees Trust educates and empowers young people who are struggling in education, constantly making poor decisions, dependent on alcohol or drugs, and who are generally lacking motivation. The organisation builds meaningful relationships with these young people. They are using outdoor-based activities and challenges to initiate a turnaround, enabling the young people to lead successful lives and be contributing members of the community.

Hayden Devine says 180 Degrees Trust is very excited about the four new SUPs. "SUPs are an excellent tool for mentoring, as well as any kind of developmental work. The sport itself is the fastest growing and most current water sport in the world and can be practised on almost any body of water. This makes SUPing incredibly diverse and highly versatile for all locations and abilities.

"Regarding developmental opportunities, SUPing can provide a unique setting for one-to-one sessions where you can harness the therapeutic nature of the outdoors to build rapport and create powerful experiences which encourage and promote personal growth," continues Hayden. "SUPing allows you to access areas of outstanding natural beauty which can put at-risk youths in a relaxed and peaceful mindset, where they can then be open to discussion and reflection, creating an atmosphere of growth and motivation."

The new SUPs have arrived this week. They will be in use on mentoring sessions once the Risk Assessment and Management Strategies are fully prepared.

Hayden says the new equipment gives mentoring clients an opportunity to try a new and challenging activity and create a meaningful shared experience with their mentor. "This is an essential part of the mentoring role, as building rapport gives our mentors a chance to influence young people to make positive decisions. The mentors get the chance to offer a fresh experience to ongoing clients who are coming to an end in their time with us. Besides that, the new equipment gives us an exciting opportunity to change our delivery on camps and day trips. The SUPs can be utilised for small-group day trips and as a split-day activity on camps."