New surf canoe helps Westshore lifeguards practise their skills

New surf canoe helps Westshore lifeguards practise their skills

NZCT recently awarded Westshore Surf Lifesaving Club $7,000 towards the purchase of a four-person surf canoe.

Westshore Surf Lifesaving Club is a voluntary, community service organisation formed in 1959. The 300 members ensure the safety of all surf bathers and beach users on Westshore Beach by providing qualified, competent, fully equipped surf patrols. Thanks to NZCT, the club can complement their current equipment with a four-person, double-hull surf canoe.

According to Brian Quirk, Director of Lifeguarding of the Westshore Surf Lifesaving Club, this surf canoe is part of an important sport tradition within the club. “This canoe is made for four persons so our lifeguards can practise team sport. Team sport is valuable for them, because it helps them practise their life-saving capabilities and it gives them more confidence. This extra surf canoe allows more of our lifeguards to train and this has a positive effect on the club morale.”

Brian Quirk says that nowadays many surf clubs are struggling to get funding. “We are in an outlying area, so we are strongly relying on organisations like NZCT to keep our equipment in order. It’s fantastic that they, just like the inflatable rescue boat in 2015, now support the purchase of this handmade surf canoe!”