North Beach reach new heights

North Beach reach new heights

NZCT awarded a grant of $25,000 to North Beach Surf Life Saving Club to enable them to buy a new Clymer Surf Boat.

Volunteer Surf Lifesaver Dean Isherwood said, "The purchase of a new boat has enabled us to rekindle and rejuvenate the sport of surf boat rowing not only at our club, but also in Canterbury. With the introduction of the new boat late last year, there were many existing lifeguards putting up their hands and wanting to have a crack at this challenging sport. Additionally, this also attracted the interest of several people who were foreign to surf lifesaving. This resulted in more people becoming surf lifeguards and patrolling Christchurch beaches in the weekends."

At the 2017 New Zealand Surf Lifesaving Championships, North Beach Surf Lifesaving Club had three competitive surf boat crews. "There is no doubt that without the use of a new surf boat we would not have had such numbers represent not only our club, but the South Island at the National Championships. Let alone win the inaugural Surf Boat Relay National Title!" said Dean.

"Many people over the weekend that the Nationals were held came up to the rowers, and the boat, and enquired about NZCT, and what a great sight it was to see them supporting surf lifesaving, as well as all the other sporting events they kindly support.    

"My club and I cannot begin to express how delighted we are to have you supporting our sport, passion and livelihood. It makes all those long weekends of voluntary patrol so much sweeter. We are truly grateful for your generous support."