NZCT covers costs for an intern psychologist at Youthline Central North Island

NZCT covers costs for an intern psychologist at Youthline Central North Island

NZCT has awarded $5,000 to Youthline Central North Island. Thanks to this grant, the organisation can cover the costs of supervision for an intern psychologist.

Youthline Central North Island is dedicated to providing young people with the tools to empower themselves. They are an early intervention service that aims to help people at the top of the cliff rather than be an ambulance at the bottom. Brian Devonshire is Manager at Youthline Central North Island. He said, “Our vision is a world where we continually create communities in which young people realise their potential. We provide young people with opportunities that strengthen their leadership and communications skills. This allows them to grow and develop the skills and attitudes that they need to take part in society now and in the future.”

Part of Youthline Central North Island’s giving back is providing placements for young people at the end of their training for degrees in psychology and social work. Brian Devonshire said, “With the funding we gained from NZCT we were able to have a past youth worker who needed to do one year’s internship as the final part of gaining her full qualification. Part of her placement was the requirement for her to have weekly supervision from a suitably qualified supervisor which comes at a substantial cost. This cost was kindly supplied by NZCT.”

According to Brian Devonshire, the intern psychologist has been invaluable in helping with upgrading Youthline Central North Island’s programmes. “Having the intern has allowed us to help a further twenty youths one to one with some of those needing long-term help. It also allows us to provide another three of our Standing Tall programmes alongside another youth worker.”