NZCT donates $160,000 to Wellington City Council's Youth in Sport programme

NZCT donates $160,000 to Wellington City Council's Youth in Sport programme

NZCT recently awarded Wellington City Council $160,000. Thanks to this generous grant, the Council is able to continue and scale up the Youth in Sport programme. The funding removes barriers for children and young adults to practise sports because it allows the Wellington City Council to significantly reduce the cost of participation and provide opportunities at suitable times for youth.


Increasing number of visits

NZCT has already supported the delivery of affordable and accessible sport and recreation opportunities at the ASB Sports Centre for 6 years. Over these 6 years, there has been a growth in off-peak visits, predominantly attributed to school and junior sport programmes. In the last 12 months, there have been 447,247 visits during off-peak hours. This is an increase of 81,977 visits from the previous year.

Mornay Loubser, Manager ASB Sports Centre said, “As a result of growth in participation, our programmes team has grown in regards to staffing, allowing more room to create and revamp the programmes we offer.”


Scale-up of the Youth in Sport programme

Thanks to NZCT’s recent grant of $160,000 the Wellington City Council can further scale up the Youth in Sport programme over the coming year. According to Mornay Loubser, ASB Sports Centre will focus on two key areas: Active School programmes and Youth programmes. “Our Active Schools programme complements the PE curriculum for primary and intermediate schools. The programme introduces students to sports and facilities they may not normally have access to, and further develops their pre-existing skills set.”

Mornay says the Youth programme offers young adults two hours of activities every Saturday night. These activities are facilitated by programme coordinators with a focus on the development of healthy lifestyles.


Increased participation in sport

Mornay Loubser is clear about what the Wellington City Council wants to achieve with the Youth in Sport programme over the coming year. “Our aim is to increase participation in physical activity for children and young adults, develop their confidence and self-awareness and create opportunities for learning, problem-solving and discovery.

“The other benefits of the programme will include reducing the health risks that result from sedentary lifestyles and improving social cohesion. We believe in the importance of children and young adults realising the value of being physically active and that these healthy practices will continue throughout their lives.”