Pokie expenditure down

Pokie expenditure down

The Department of Internal Affairs released the following message today regarding gambling expenditure during the 2013/14 financial year:

Small increase in gambling expenditure in FY 2013/14

Gamblers in New Zealand spent $2091 million dollars on the four main forms of gambling in the 2013/14 financial year, $19 million (0.9 per cent) more than the previous year, according to figures compiled by the Department of Internal Affairs.  They spent more on racing, sport and lotteries; but less in casinos and on pub and club pokies.

  • TAB racing and sports betting increased by 5.6 per cent, from $294 million to $311 million
  • Spending on NZ Lotteries products rose 7.2 per cent, from $432 million to $463 million
  • Spending on gaming machines (pokies) in pubs and clubs dropped by -2.2 per cent, from $826 million to $808 million; and
  • Casino gambling expenditure declined by -2.1 per cent, from $520 million to $509 million.

When adjusted for inflation total gambling expenditure in 2014 declined by almost 20 per cent from a peak recorded in 2004 ($2610 million real dollars).

Communities benefited from an estimated $613 million, or 29 per cent of gambling expenditure, for various purposes. 

  • The New Zealand Racing Board allocated $137 million to racing club activities and infrastructure
  • The NZ Lotteries Commission transferred $231 million to the Lottery Grants Board for distribution to community services and projects
  • Non-casino gaming machine trusts raised an estimated $242 million for authorised community purposes; and,
  • Casinos paid just over $3 million to their community trusts.

In addition, gambling operators pay a levy from their profits to meet the costs of an integrated problem gambling strategy – estimated to be $54 million (GST exclusive) for the current 2013-16 levy period.

Details are available on the Department’s website (dia.govt.nz) under Gambling Expenditure Statistics