Rescue Helicopter Busy

Rescue Helicopter Busy

During October the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter flew 29 missions.  Most (26) were emergency ambulance operations, with one Search and Rescue mission and one maternity/ICU case.  Like most non-profit organisations, the helicopter service has to work hard to raise awareness and funds to keep itself afloat.

NZCT is pleased to be able to help fund the service (approving a grant for $100,000 to the service earlier this year) and we note that the organisation is actively involved with the local community. 

During October Base Manager & Pilot Chris Moody spoke at the Whakaronga Women’s Institute and later this month staff will be present at an upcoming Up and Away fundraising concert.  A push to grow the service’s online presence will begin over summer.  Social media users will be encouraged to post to Facebook creative photos of their vehicles displaying ‘Friends of the Rescue Helicopter’ bumper stickers.

NZCT wishes the service all the best for these activities and acknowledges the good work it does in the community.