Helping the homeless

Helping the homeless

Financial assistance for Auckland City Mission

An NZCT grant to Auckland City Mission contributed towards the salary of one of the Mission’s homelessness social workers. The homeless people the Mission work with have difficult lives. They frequently have no family support and struggle to access the support systems we take for granted.

Mission staff members regularly encounter clients with debilitating mental health issues, brain injury, and long-term medical issues. Many of the Mission’s clients have poor literacy skills, low educational outcomes and poor social skills. They struggle to fill in forms, navigate the health system and meet the requirements of Work and Income and Housing New Zealand.

Grants and donations go directly towards ensuring the Mission can do as much as it possibly can to assist and support the most marginalised and disenfranchised people in our community. The generosity of New Zealanders always, somehow, makes it possible for the Mission to continue doing what it does every day – helping those in desperate need, who have nowhere else to turn.

Securing funding for salaries has become increasingly difficult, so NZCT’s grant was particularly appreciated. Employing qualified, hard-working staff is crucial for the Mission, and receiving money for their salaries really does help to ensure that the delivery of high-quality services can continue. Here are some of the Auckland City Mission’s results achieved in the past year:

• 39,463 visits made to drop-in centres
• 197,315 hot drinks served
• 295 clients participated in a range of activities
• 1,954 contacts were made with homeless people by the outreach team
• 122 people were assisted into permanent housing
• 73 volunteers contributed 3,823 hours to the service

NZCT is proud to support this valuable service and help it continue to deliver this much-needed assistance.