Sport NZ research

Sport NZ research

Sport New Zealand has just released findings from its 2012 study into sport and recreation sector funding provided by gaming societies. Having completed this study in 2007, 2010 and 2012, Sport New Zealand now has comparable data from which to study trends. The report states that during this period:

"The proportion of total funding going to the sport and recreation sector was similar - 62% (2012), 63% (2010) and 64% (2007).  However, there was a drop of 3.5% in the amount the sector received - from $81 million in 2010 to $78 million in 2012.

"Twenty sports received 83% of all funding into sport.  The average value of grants to sports applicants was $10,000, while the average grant to physical activity/recreation was slightly less ($7,862 in 2012).

"In 2010 most sport-related funding went to local clubs and organisations ($27 million or 39%) or regional organisations ($22 million or 32%), whereas the majority of physical activity/recreation funding was granted to national-level organisations ($2.8 million or 34%) or schools ($2.4 million or 28%)."

You can download and read the report in full here.