Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter crew say thanks

Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter crew say thanks

The crew of the Taranaki Community Rescue Helicopter have expressed their gratitude for the ongoing support of New Zealand Community Trust (NZCT).

General Manager and Crewman Andy Cronin said, “Our service wouldn’t exist without the generous support of our funders who, together, allow us to make a real difference to our community.

“We rely hugely on community funding support in order for our rescue helicopter service to survive and as a crewman on the machine I get to see first-hand the difference our service makes to people. I understand NZCT receives a high number of applications for funding and has only a limited pool to distribute, but I genuinely appreciate that they choose to support us.

“Many of the people we attend to are having one of the worst days of their lives and, in some cases, the last day of their lives. We don’t get to choose when and where we are required, we can only prepare the best we can and aim to deliver the most professional service possible.

“Being able to make a difference to a person and their family is a huge privilege and the NZCT team are very much a part of that. Their support allows us to do some amazing things.”