Te Kaihau o Kupe Waka Ama paddles on

Te Kaihau o Kupe Waka Ama paddles on

NZCT has approved a funding application of $5,000 towards newly adjustable paddlers for Te Kaihau o Kupe Waka Ama.

In May 2015, Te Kaihau o Kupe Waka Ama setup for the enjoyment and experience mostly for the community of Castlecliff. They provide the opportunity for all people and tourists throughout the year to come and learn about waka ama and the history of the river mouth and environs.

Secretary Anna Te Rei says the club is excited about the new sets of adjustable paddles, and some high-end Tai Paddles including a suitable ocean steering blade. “We cater for learners, novices and seasoned kaihoe (paddlers). It is essential for all kaihoe to have adequate equipment. The basic stroke can be difficult and uncomfortable if the paddle is too long, too short or too heavy. Injuries can occur for various reasons, not warming up or down and sometimes through having paddles that are a bad fit. We’re happy that we can now reduce the risk of injury because we’ll have these adjustable ones.

"We are so very grateful to NZCT for the resources our community can now benefit from,” continues Anna. “Having a paddle to fit a person’s height really helps and these adjustable ones are made from durable plastic so we won’t have to be concerned that they may be damaged. We are looking forward to more opportunities of providing waka ama to Whanganui residents in and around the river mouth.”