Homes of Hope has a bright future

Homes of Hope are upgrading their Tauranga Children's Home into a safe, comfortable, and liveable space. Demand for services has been so high, more space is needed for children in care.

Children in care will benefit from renovations brightening their future home whilst being looked after.

Homes of Hope Business Manager Robyn Walker says, “In the past, this home has been used as the offices of Homes of Hope and is required as a home for our children. To make the home comfortable for both the House Parents and the children who live there, the kitchen and heating facilities must be renovated prior to being occupied.”

“We are grateful to NZCT now that we have re-painted our home called Rata. Providing our tamariki with light, bright, and clean homes is one of the ways we can rebuild their sense of worth and demonstrate to them that they are precious and deserve to be in a nice environment.”
Homes of Hope Business Manager Robyn Walker

“Some of our tamariki some can have issues with sensitivity to light. This impacts their ability to get a good night’s sleep, which in turn, affects their behaviour. None of us are at our best if we are tired and unable to sleep. Installing black-out curtains in their rooms helps to eliminate this issue. It also helps them to feel safe, since they know that no one can look through their bedroom windows at night.”

“Our Practice Manager is also incredibly grateful to be able to have a new laptop. Prior to receiving this funding, she was using an old laptop that had seen better days. The role of Practice Manager is incredibly busy and requires a lot of behind-the-scenes work at a computer not only to communicate with Oranga Tamariki and other community partners, but also to develop documents and other projects that ensure the best quality care for the tamariki Homes of Hope are privileged to serve. These tasks, while time-consuming at the best of times, became even more arduous when the old laptop started to freeze up and take on a mind of its own!”

NZCT awarded a grant of $14,840 to Home’s of Hope Charitable Trust