Saving Lives, Swim For Life

Trust Manager Carl Newman says, “Swim For Life Tairāwhiti has come together to address the decline in children’s swimming ability and help our region to work towards a consistent record of no drowning. We also wish to provide our local community with some fundamental life skills through aquatic activities to maximise their lifelong participation in a variety of water situations.”
Trust Manager Carl Newman

“In 2022 the Swim for Life Tairāwhiti program has set itself a goal of delivering to 3,200 school students across forty-one schools. The program teacher’s young children in our region, many of whom don’t have access to swimming lessons, how to keep safe in aquatic environments. This is achieved by the delivery of a swim and survive education programme targeted at rural and low deciles students.”

“The Swim For Life Tairāwhiti program consists of ten 20 - 30 minute lessons (per year) of quality instruction in groups of no more than ten students by an accredited provider. Due to the vast amounts of ocean and rivers within our region it is very important that our young people have the skills to enjoy these while also keeping themselves safe. This is a scenario that is becoming increasingly common as families don’t have the income to be able to send children to swimming lessons and schools are under-equipped to deliver the required skills.”

“It is a scenario that we continue to challenge. One of the keys roles for the trust continues to be the position of Trust Manager. This person is responsible for making the program happen and is essential to its continued implementation and to ensure the program continues to be rolled out at the high standard it currently is.”

Swim For Life Tairāwhiti was awarded a grant of $33,200 from the New Zealand Community Trust to help this program happen.

“We have strong partnerships with Water Safety New Zealand who help guide us with content for the program and ensure we are up to date with what we are delivering to the schools.

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