Where our funds go

Sport is our focus

NZCT plays a significant role within the New Zealand amateur sporting community. Around 75 percent of the funds we distribute go towards amateur sport. While sport is our focus, we are also a strong supporter of other worthy community activities, including local government projects, health care organisations, arts, and essential rescue services like Life Flight Trust and Coastguard New Zealand.

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Why sport?

NZCT is one of the largest funders of amateur sport in New Zealand. We focus on sport because of the many positive benefits it offers communities, such as:

  • crime reduction and community safety
  • economic impact and regeneration of local communities
  • education and lifelong learning
  • participation
  • physical fitness and health
  • psychological health and wellbeing
  • social capital and cohesion.

According to Sport New Zealand's Community Sports Strategy 2010-2015, social sports provide significant benefits for children and young people, including improving social connectedness, educational attainment, health and wellbeing, and personal and social development.

Overseas research (Sport England's Value of Sport Monitor) has also found that participation in sport can lead to increased health and productivity for individuals, and increased wealth or wellbeing of society as a whole. 


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