With the move to COVID-19 Alert Level 1, NZCT is once again welcoming grant applications.

Please advise in your application what, if any, relief funding packages you received during COVID-19 and how they were applied to your sustainability. It would be useful to also advise us of any material changes to organisational structure and/or events programmes as a result of COVID-19.

A big thank you to everyone who assisted us to survive during these unprecedented and challenging times.

He waka eke noa. We are all in this together.

Applying to us for a grant

You can find all the information you need about applying to us for a grant in this section. We recommend you start on the page called 'Making a successful application'. If you then want to find further detail about how and when to apply to us for a grant and what it involves, head over to our questions and answers about grants.

> Making a successful application

> Questions and answers about grants

When you're ready to apply to us for a grant, you'll find a red button that says 'Grants Portal' in the top right-hand corner and at the bottom of every page on this website.


Grants we have awarded

Below are grant decisions made since 1 October 2013. You can search by geographical location, dollar amount, organisation type or date. However you search, you'll always need to select a financial year.

We encourage grant recipients to find us on Facebook and Twitter and tag us in their posts, or to find their grant here and upload photos or comments about the outcomes it helped them achieve.

Download our Grant Statistics factsheet (PDF, 144 kb)

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Organisation Name Amount
3 Day Golf Tournament Inc $4,500
6th Battalion (Hauraki) Regimental Association Inc $2,000
Adelaide Early Childhood Centre Inc $2,298
Age Concern Rodney Inc $2,000
Age Concern Rotorua District Inc $8,000
Akarana Zone of NZRL Incorporated $50,000
Akina Rovers Hockey Club Inc $7,500
Alex Moore Park Sport and Community Inc $150,000
Alexandra Golf Club Inc $5,000
Allandale Primary School $4,670
Alzheimer's Society Eastern Bay of Plenty Inc $6,427
Alzheimers Society Tauranga Inc $4,000
Alzheimers Taranaki Inc $8,000
Amberley Tennis Club Inc $5,040
Amputee Golf NZ Inc $2,800
Aotea College $5,000
Aquabladz New Plymouth Swimming Club Inc $3,000
Arakura School Board of Trustees $7,677
Aramoho Whanganui Rowing Club Inc $15,600
Ararimu School $5,000
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