Timelines and the process

Timelines and the process

When should applications be submitted?

Applications close at midday on the 15th of each month. We can’t approve applications for expenses that have been paid for, or services that have been delivered, before an application has been approved. You need to allow enough time for us to process, consider and make a final decision about your application before you spend any funds relating to it.

Who considers my application?

NZCT has a Net Proceeds Committee (NPC). The NPC is made up of a minimum of any three of NZCT's trustees. The NPC meets monthly, except there is no meeting in January (see calendar) to consider recommended applications and to make grant decisions. NZCT's Chief Executive and Grants Manager are not trustees, nor members of the NPC, so they are completely independent of the grants decision process.

What does NZCT take into consideration when making grants?

We prefer not to fund an organisation's standard operating costs, like rent or power bills. Ideally, grant applications should be made for activities or buying items that would not be possible without additional grant funding.

Our NPC will consider the outcomes expected from the grant funding and will want to know how these outcomes are measured. It will also want to know if the grant is going towards your organisation's main priorities – we will generally be more inclined to fund 'must haves' rather than 'nice to haves'.

In considering your application, we look at the other activities your organisation is doing to meet its financial targets. We also look at how your organisation is making a positive difference in your local community.

The Gambling Act prohibits the people who work at, or have a significant interest in, our gaming venues from being involved in the grant applications we process, for example, as an executive member of the applicant organisation who has had hands-on involvement in the grant application. To comply with the Act, NZCT checks and automatically declines all grant applications that suggest a substantive conflict between venues and applicants. 

All requests must be for future spending, not for expenditure already incurred, i.e. you must confirm your grant application has been approved before spending any funds, otherwise they will be deemed to be retrospective and will have to be refunded.

  • We will not fund things that have already been funded by another source.
  • Grants will not be made to individuals, to closed groups where membership is discretionary or for private (rather than public) purposes.
  • Funds must be spent specifically for the purpose(s) approved by NZCT. These purposes must be of direct and immediate benefit to your organisation.
  • The grant purposes must comply with the Gambling Act 2003, Gambling (Class 4 Net Proceeds) Regulations 2004 and NZCT's licence conditions.
  • We do not fund fundraisers.
  • We do not fund activities that support political candidates or parties.

What do you mean by 'benefits' and 'outcomes'?

In the benefits and outcomes section we are looking for you to detail the main positive changes that you expect for your organisation as a result of NZCT funding. This could be, for example, an increase in playing numbers of x%, an increase in coaching hours of y per week, or improved facilities that can now be used by a range of additional users. Try to be as specific as you can.

What happens to my application?

Applications are checked by an NZCT grants officer for completeness and to ensure they comply with regulatory requirements, NZCT’s licence conditions and grants criteria. If any information is missing, they will contact you. To ensure your application is complete in time for the deadline of the 15th of the month, we recommend you submit your application as early as possible.

For applications that are complete by the 15th of the month, funding recommendations are developed for each application and a schedule of all applications from a region is forwarded to the appropriate NZCT Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) for discussion and review. Generally, the RACs meet within the first 10 days of each month, except January. Their recommendations are forwarded to NZCT’s NPC for consideration and final approval. 

Grant decisions will be available online through our Grants Portal within three to five days of an NPC meeting date. Applicants are advised of the NPC’s decision by email shortly after the NPC meeting.

For an application to be considered at one of these meetings, it must be submitted and complete before the 15th of the previous month. For example, to be considered at the 23 December meeting, an application needs to be submitted by 15 November.

How long will it take for a decision?

Provided your application contains all the information we need, applications received and complete by the 15th of each month will be discussed at the following month’s Net Proceeds Committee (NPC) meeting towards the end of that month.

How will we know if our application has been successful?

You can check the status of your grant application through our online Grants Portal. Grant decisions will be published on the Portal within three to five days after the relevant Net Proceeds Committee meeting and you will receive an email with the decision. If your grant is approved, you will also receive a confirmation email once the funds have been deposited into your back account. If your grant is declined, we will tell you why.