Making a successful application

NZCT's main focus is to provide funds for amateur sport - around 80% of our grants are for sporting purposes. We also support other important causes, including rescue and lifesaving services, community and welfare groups, education and the arts.

Applicants should be incorporated entities and eligible for a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) in their own right, e.g. registered under the Charitable Trust Act; Incorporated Societies Act; or, in some circumstances, not-for-profit organisations registered under the Companies Act. Registration under the Charities Act is optional but does not confirm incorporation status.

Generally, NZCT prefers to consider support for organisations that have been legally constituted for at least one complete financial year.

We receive around 300 grant applications each month. Provided you have supplied all the information requested, we will generally have a decision for you in four to nine weeks. Here’s a brief summary of how our grants are processed:

  1. Incoming applications are checked for completeness and assessed against gambling regulations and NZCT funding criteria. We also check to ensure your organisation doesn't have any outstanding accountability relating to previous grants.
  2. We then send your application to the relevant Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) to make funding recommendations based on their local knowledge and expertise. 
  3. RAC recommendations are passed on to NZCT's Net Proceeds Committee (NPC), which makes the final decisions on all grant applications.
  4. Applicants are advised of the NPC’s decision by email within three to five days after the NPC meeting.
  5. Successful applicants are generally paid their grant within three to five days after the NPC meeting.

Find out more about grant applications in our questions and answers about grants

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NZCT’s NPC comprises a minimum of any three of NZCT's trustees. Generally, the committee meets monthly to consider recommended applications and make grant decisions. NZCT's chief executive is not a trustee, nor a member of the NPC, so he is completely independent of the grants decision process.

Aktive toolkits for sports clubs

Aktive and its partners have produced 12 toolkits to support the network of administrators, volunteers and community leaders involved in planning and managing sports clubs and codes. The toolkits provide the latest information, tips and ideas on areas such as marketing, governance, community engagement, funding, health and safety, and much more. The 'Finance and Insurance Toolkit' includes information on fundraising and applying for grants.

> Visit the Aktive webpage with all the toolkits for clubs and codes
> Download the Finance and Insurance Toolkit


Pokie Proceeds: Building Strong Communities

This online booklet from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) includes stories and tips on how best to apply for pokie grants. It showcases ten organisations that have used gaming machine grants and tells the stories of why they applied for a grant, challenges they faced, what the money was put to and tips for other applicants.

Download the brochure 'Pokie Proceeds: Building Strong Communities' (DIA website)

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