Sports grants will only be made to support amateur sport. By this, we mean any amateur sporting activity, organisation or club that is:

  • affiliated to a recognised national body      
  • genuine and real (has standards, rules, etc) 
  • played regularly as part of a significant competition   
  • open to public membership.      

Most expense items necessary to play a sport, apart from those of a personal nature, will be considered. This includes uniforms, grounds maintenance, sports equipment, first aid kits and coaching.

Travel and accommodation costs for teams attending tournaments in New Zealand will be considered, provided costs are actual and reasonable and an official invitation or itinerary endorsed by the host's national body is supplied. 

The following items will not be funded:

  • Overseas travel
  • Professional sports, apart from where a professional is involved in coaching, training or development of junior sport
  • Grants to non-affiliated social sports clubs or teams, including those playing in corporate leagues  
  • Trade tournaments or sporting events staged primarily for commercial publicity and/or the benefit of a select industry group 
  • Affiliation fees, individual or team memberships and subscriptions   
  • Dress uniforms, footwear, training uniforms and personal gear bags    
  • Laundry costs, commercial gym fees and major medical costs
  • Cash prizes or large non-cash prizes
  • Grants to any sports facility run for commercial profit, such as 10 pin bowling centres, billiard parlours, 'country clubs' for golf, or clubs with closed memberships
  • Trips for supporters and spectators, or after-match functions
  • Privately owned organisations or ventures for personal gain