About us

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Committed to quality

NZCT is committed to achieving quality through all its operations.  We believe this leads to increased productivity, excellent service and assurance for our stakeholders.  Our Quality Management System, which is supported by both management and staff, ensures quality remains a core focus for our organisation.  In 2006 NZCT was the first charitable gaming society in Australasia to become accredited with the international quality standard, ISO 9001, and we are committed to retaining this certification.

Principled and ethical

Our compliance framework has four pillars which provide NZCT and its stakeholders with assurance.  These are: our statutory external audits; our Board’s Internal Audit and Risk Committee; our Management Risk Committee; and effective management reporting to these committees and the Board. Whether it’s retaining our AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008 accreditation or introducing specialised compliance software, everything we do is designed to improve efficiencies, minimise risk for our operators and ensure NZCT has a sustainable future.  Operating with high principles and moral standards is important to NZCT as you will see when you read our Statement on Ethics and Fraud.

Local input into grant decisions

NZCT pioneered the development of Regional Advisory Committees whose members advise us on the distribution of gaming funds in their communities. These committees are made up of highly respected leaders who add local insight and knowledge to our grants decision making.