Auckland’s East Skate Club gets a rebuilt halfpipe

"The NZCT grant means we can continue the work of keeping kids skating."
East Skate Club Spokesperson Aaron Martin

East Skate Club at its Sonsk8 base is helping provide a safe and inclusive environment for wheeled sports. This was helped by a recent grant from NZCT of $26,250.

Spokesperson Aaron Martin said, "This funding has helped us rebuild our custom-built halfpipe at Sonsk8, which is East Skate Clubs' base. We're located in Glen Innes. We act as a wheeled sports hub for all sports and people of all ages. People come from all parts of the country together to keep fit, meet new people and enjoy their wheeled sports of choice in our well-maintained and operated facility."

Our mission is getting kids off couches - we are passionate about the benefits of connecting skaters, parents, local councils, and contractors to create and renew skate spots throughout our region.

Previously, there was nowhere for our younger and older generation of wheeled sports enthusiasts to enjoy skateboarding, rollerblading, and scootering that not only caters to beginners but also acts as a social hub to meet friends and exercise in a supervised setting.

The NZCT grant means we can continue the work of keeping kids skating.

East Skate Club is a non-profit, registered charity run entirely by volunteers currently. We are on a mission to promote skate sports and skate facilities as a place to have fun, get fit, meet amazing people, and be safe.

We are the only 24/7 sheltered, maintained and supervised skatepark - the only one available to public in the country.

We offer whanau peace of mind providing a supervised and safe environment to learn and develop skills in skate and wheeled sports.

With additional funding, we would be able to open for consistent operating hours without having to rely on donations and volunteers. Consistent and structured operating hours would attract more people to the sport as first-timers and allow them to continue to grow and develop their skill of choice. This is our next mission - now the halfpipe is complete.