Resources for NZCT gaming room operators


Harm prevention and minimisation training and resources

Harm prevention and minimisation training

Staff working at NZCT venues can access our harm minimisation training by clicking the link below.

You'll need a password to get into the website - call us on 0800 247 583 to get yours.

Harm prevention and minimisation policy guide

The brochure below is a plain language guide to venue staff members' responsibilities under the Gambling Act 2003 to prevent or minimise harm from gambling.

Harm prevention and minimisation incident recording sheet

Below is NZCT's incident recording sheet that is available from us in pads of 100 sheets. If you need a new pad, ask your NZCT liaison person.

Harm minimisation incident recording sheet (PDF, 151 kb) pdf
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Exclusion orders

Below is an editable PDF of NZCT's problem gambler exclusion order that venue staff can fill in with a problem gambler to exclude them from the venue. You only need to use this if you don't have QEC POI functionality or facial recognition at your venue.

Exclusion Order pdf
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Operating gaming machines when the sale of alcohol is restricted

The flowchart below shows when you can operate gaming machines during periods when the sale of alcohol is restricted, such as Easter and Christmas.

Easter trading flowchart jpg
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Class 4 Game Rules resources

2016 Game Rules

On 7 March 2016 new class 4 Game Rules came into effect replacing the previous 2006 rules. The new rules were much shorter and better ordered to reflect who the obligation is aimed at, for example, rules relating to players and playing, rules relating to the venue operation, and rules relating to societies.

Class 4 Game Rules Support Guidelines

The review of the Class 4 Game Rules in early 2016 streamlined and simplified the requirements to operate Class 4 gaming machines and resulted in a number of rules around cash management and routine gaming procedures being removed or amended. Although some requirements were removed, it is recommended that certain procedures continue so that venue staff and societies can be assured of the integrity of their gaming machine operations.

Although these Support Guidelines are not mandatory, they will help venues and societies, particularly with cash reconciliation and handling patron complaints.

Class 4 sector key messages

These four key messages about class 4 gambling can be used when anyone asks you about having gaming machines as part of your venue's entertainment offering.

Class 4 sector key messages docx
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The Wrap

The Wrap is our newsletter for venue operators.