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Harm prevention and minimisation training and resources

Harm prevention and minimisation training

Staff working at NZCT venues can access training by contacting your NZCT liaison person.

There are new regulatory requirements for training from 1 September 2023.

The new training from your NZCT liaison person meets the 2023 regulatory requirements.


NZCT is required to have a policy for identifying problem gamblers

Harm Minimisation Policy - Sept 23 pdf
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Harm prevention and minimisation incident recording sheet

Below is NZCT's 'Host Responsibility Record Sheet' that is available from us in pads. If you need a new pad, ask your NZCT liaison person

There is also a 'Gaming Personnel Training Register' a 'Sweep Sheet' for download and reprint, and 'New Regulations NZCT GMANZ' posters

NZCT Host Responsibility Record Sheet pdf
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Gaming Personnel Training Register pdf
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Sweep Sheet Weekly pdf
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New Regulation NZCT GMANZ Posters x 3 pdf
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Operating gaming machines when the sale of alcohol is restricted

The flowchart below shows when you can operate gaming machines during periods when the sale of alcohol is restricted, such as Easter and Christmas.

Easter trading flowchart jpg
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Class 4 Game Rules 2022

The Gambling Act (Class 4) Game Rules 2022, are made pursuant to section 367 of the Gambling Act and are additional to any requirements prescribed under the Act, any regulations under the Act and minimum standards for gambling equipment prescribed under section 327 of the Act.

A breach of these rules may amount to an offence under section 19 of the Act.

The following Game Rules need to be noted in particular:

You can only play one machine at a time, Game Rule 4.2

You can't make, induce or intimidate any player to vacate a gaming machine, Game Rule 4.3

You can not engage in syndicated play with any other player or players. Game Rules 2022, Game Rule 4.3

You can't solicit or induce any player to take part any player to take part in syndicated play arrangments, Game Rule 4.3

In addition to the 'Game Rules' poster there are the 'Apply On Line for a Grant' and 'Under R18' posters. These posters as well as the 'Game Rules' must be displayed at all venues

The-Gambling-Act-Class-4-Game-Rules-2022 pdf
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Apply On Line for a Grant pdf
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Under 18 pdf
Uploaded July 11, 2023, 2:36 a.m. 76.8 KB
Class 4 sector key messages

These four key messages about class 4 gambling can be used when anyone asks you about having gaming machines as part of your venue's entertainment offering.

Class 4 sector key messages docx
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