Bowled over by new mower

Bowls Waitara greatly appreciates a grant of $12,100 from the NZCT for a new greens mower and other equipment.

Secretary/Treasurer Pauline Madgwick comments, “Over the past few years our grass green has deteriorated so severely that it is unplayable and is being relaid, making play on this green impossible during the two-year recovery period. To assist us in this major project we have been advised by the project managers that our mower and groomer, which are about thirty-five years old, both need replacing in order to assist us with this intensive and costly recovery programme.”

“Last year, Bowls Taranaki named us ‘2021 Bowling Club of the Year’ - an accolade which recognised our strength and growth over the past few years. We have been very fortunate to being able to have sun screens erected around the grass green at a project cost of $50,000 to ensure the continued health and well being of our members and spectators by having the best sunscreen protection available around the outside seating area of the green.”

Our mower and groomer, which are about thirty-five years old, both need replacing
Secretary/Treasurer Pauline Madgwick

“Last year our grass green was severely infested with a bug which was very disappointing as it ruled us out of contention and consideration by both Bowls Taranaki and Bowls NZ for provincial and national tournaments. The playing surface had become so unacceptable it forced the club to use the artificial green this year, which has also restricted our playing numbers due to having only the one green available. Play on grass greens have always been the number one preference by bowlers if choosing between an artificial/grass green surface. We are now taking this huge project on hand to re-instate this green to have it playable for the 2023-2024 season.”

“Our maintenance equipment was checked out by the project team and an enhanced upgrade of our very old and outdated mower and groomer was recommended to help with the necessary sowing/grassing/maintenance and grooming steps. This new equipment will benefit the mowing/maintenance programme now ahead of us. We have and always will promote outdoor bowls as an extremely healthy game for everyone participating - even more so since Covid-19 arrived in our lives. We are delighted that this has now been possible by the generosity of NZCT. We found applying very easy”

Bowls Waitara was established over 100 years ago and amalgamated with Clifton Bowling Club about fifteen years ago. It currently has a mixed membership of sixty playing members and twenty-five social members, ranging from 50-90 year-olds. Winter bowls programme sees 150 keen bowlers from throughout Taranaki registering their interest in the Winter Bowls Programme, which is held every Wednesday by way of a day Tournament.