Bowling for Fun in the Sun

Poverty Bay Bowling Club received a grant recently of $7,000 from the NZCT to purchase and install new sunshades along the front of their clubhouse building.

“Last year, we celebrated our centennial anniversary here in Gisborne, which is a very hot place at the best of times. Having a carpet green adds to the heat. It only takes one of our many thirty-two plus days to reach temperatures in the middle of 45 plus degrees, and 36 to 38 around the edges. This is a very real health and safety issue for our members - and global warming will only make things hotter!”

“With the current climate changing so rapidly, it became essential that the old sunshades be replaced in order to offer our members sufficient protection from the elements. Without this work being done, many were becoming increasingly reluctant to participate in club activities.”
Club President Peter Walters explains their importance to the club and the local community

“We have the support of over seventy active members, with a great balance between men and women, plus dozens of additional parents and other supporter groups.”

“We play on the only artificial green in Gisborne, which allows us to play summer and winter because our greens drip dry instantly.”