Farmers Surfing

Surfing for Farmers is a mental health initiative that was started in Gisborne and has now spread across New Zealand.

The New Plymouth Surfriders Club was thrilled to announce a grant of $3,4670 from the NZCT towards the cost of surfboards to run Surfing For Farmers

“It’s an awesome way to meet new people, support farmers in the region, and have an outlet that is fun, inspiring, and open to all. Last summer was the first time we held Surfing for Farmers at the New Plymouth Surfriders' Club, we struggled to provide enough surfboards for all the farmers who joined us and some people had to wait on the beach, taking turns. We needed ten more 9ft longboards to help the farmers learn to surf and enjoy meeting together off-farm.”
NPSC President Mark Dwyer

“An important club initiative is our Surfing for Farmers Programme. In our second summer now, it's a national mental health initiative for farmers at twenty-five beaches around the country. The club provides surfboards, wetsuits, coaching, and a bbq/drinks event every Tuesday night throughout the summer. We regularly have thirty surfing farmers attending each week.”

“We needed to replace and repair surfboards so we have enough for our club members and now also the Surfing for farmers programme. The sea can be pretty unforgiving sometimes and gear does get damaged. Thanks to NZCT’s support, our goal this summer is for everyone to be able to get involved with the appropriate equipment. “

“We also use these boards for our Family Fun Nights every Friday night during the summer months. This is where club members can bring their children so they can utilise our boards and wetsuits, with an instructor provided along with parental help. These are great times for the children to learn to surf in a safe and fun environment, as well as providing opportunities for those that don't have access to equipment.”

“The club also has a very social scene and supports families and young beginner surfers by introducing them to surfing on our Family Fun night. We regularly have over thirty kids in the water on a Friday night, depending on the weather. We provide the surfboards and wetsuit, while experienced club members provide advice and guidance for the youngsters.”

The Club was formed in 1991 by a group of sixty five New Plymouth surfers who managed to secure a vacant council owned building as their clubhouse, which has undergone extensive renovation and improvement by club members over the years and proudly overlooks Fitzroy Beach from its enviable position on the foreshore.

It now boasts 4-500 members, has an active competitive side to the club, and runs regular surfing competitions throughout the year. It also supports its competitive surfers through coaching sessions and financial assistance for club surfers competing around the country.

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