Great Kit - North Wellington FC

Club President Grant Stephen says, “North Wellington FC was formed in 1970 and is the largest football club in the lower North Island. With just over a thousand playing members, the club is represented across the spectrum from First Kicks to Girls Only Football, Youth Leagues, Men’s and Women’s Central Football Leagues as well as an ever increasing range of Masters teams. There’s a place for everyone at the club either on or off the field.”

“It is a never-ending challenge to keep the cost of participation at affordable levels for all players, young and old. While investing in quality coaching opportunities for junior and youth members in particular, the cost of providing basic playing uniform and equipment is just as vital and makes a difference for everyone concerned. Footballs have a natural attrition rate, as do playing shirts. Coupled with growing numbers and so many players, we are continually needing to replenish our stocks of these basic necessities.”

“Our successful grant application means that we have been able to kit out all junior teams for the start of the season and provide enough footballs to run effective practices. A great practice can be just as important as the actual game if done well and every child having access to a football is integral to a successful outcome.”

“We can’t thank NZCT enough for enabling us to fully kit out all children in the club for their games and ensuring we’ll have sufficient footballs to allow training and games to continue in a challenging operating environment.”
Club President Grant Stephen

North Wellington Football Club received a grant from the NZCT of $6,373 for new uniforms and equipment.