Happy Trails - NZCT Supports Manawatu Mountain Bike Club

Manawatu Mountain Bike Club (MMBC) has received a grant of $20,000 from NZCT towards the creation of new mountain bike trails to extend Arapuke MTB Park.

"Mountain biking is growing in participation and across all demographics and all age groups, both male and female. It provides an opportunity not only for people to enjoy the outdoors, but also to reap the rewards of better health outcomes that result from increased exercise. Last season, there were over 30,000 rider visits to the area"
Arapuke Trails Lead Russell Brebner

This grant from NZCT will help us to deliver a better riding experience to a wider range of people. Building hard trails is relatively easy, however, well-built easy trails take much more effort. This grant focuses on creating amazing trails for those beginner and intermediate riders who make up the largest part of the riding audience.

The 2023 Trail Build Plan will continue the amazing work in the growing success of Arapuke Mountain Bike Park. It will be year 8 of our 10-year plan and take another significant step towards maintaining and completing the Core Trail Network.

This year of the trail plan delivers a range of trails focused on developing beginner and intermediate level riding opportunities. The major project, Te Ara Kaikohi, is particularly exciting as it targets the most popular segment, intermediate grade 3 riders.

This trail will create a significant destination ride and local attraction for the Manawatu, completing a mini epic ride at Arapuke of around 14km, predominately through native bush, with beautiful views and scenery. Other trails in the plan provide more ride opportunities for Grade 2 beginner riders and more skill development trails for grade 3 riders, wanting to become advanced riders.

MMBC is a dynamic champion of mountain biking in the Manawatu region. Founded in 1988, it has grown to become the largest cycling club in the region with about 1,000 members. The club’s mission is to be a group of passionate mountain bikers who encourage, facilitate, and promote mountain biking in the Manawatu region.

MMBC runs a wide range of fun MTB events backed by free coaching and rider development. It plays a major role in planning, managing, and overseeing the construction and maintenance of many amazing trails and regional off-road riding assets.

This includes the best kept secret in the Manawatu, the Arapuke Mountain Bike Park, which has a great range of trails from Grade 3 flow and jump trails, to technical grade 4, challenging grade 5s, and extreme jump trails.