Kawerau Fitness improves safety with new equipment

The local community is looking forward to working out even harder with increased safety on new gym equipment at Kawerau Fitness (KFit). KFit was thrilled to announce a grant of $10,000 from NZCT to help make this happen.

KFit Community Trust Chairman Zachan Herewini says, “We sought funding from NZCT to provide the safest possible equipment to our community. After years of use, our equipment has started to deteriorate where it was no longer up to standard, so we decided to prioritise the replacement of our gear as a health and safety issue for our members.”

“Much of our current equipment is over ten years old. During that time, it has been used by many sports teams, community groups, schools, and fundraising events. Our gear has been in use every day by our members and this level of activity creates a lot of wear and tear”

“With the help of NZCT’s funding, we will be able to purchase and replace the old equipment, extend our training techniques and provide for increased difficulty levels for those that train hard. Members of our community will be able to continue to make self-improvements throughout their fitness journey.

KFit is a non-profit gym and exercise facility, focused on creating positive pathways that improve the health and well-being of our community through affordable and effective exercise options offering warm smiles and a good workout.

It is due to all our volunteers and members, both past and present, that we have such a healthy, thriving community facility - and thanks to supporters like NZCT that we can continue to provide a safe and supportive environment that brings people together.

KFit are based at Tarawera Park, Cobham Drive in Kawerau.