Masters Games receives an operational grant of $20K

“Masters sport has opened another door in my life. It has enabled me to stay as fit and active as I can. The camaraderie amongst competitors and socialising aspects are second to none. I always thrived on competition, which will see me doing the best I can for the team.”
Christopher Wright, Adelaide Masters.

NZCT has awarded Dunedin NZ Masters Games a grant of $20,000 towards an operational salary to help run this mammoth event.

Games Manager Vicki Kestila said " The support we’ve received from NZCT has huge financial benefits not only to run our events and sporting organisations but also to our wider community regarding health and wellbeing."

The Games Registration system processes around 5,000 entries gathering all necessary information to be passed on to the Sport Coordinators to ensure the efficient running of individual events and a truly successful New Zealand Masters Games.

The Event Assistant Operations is an integral part of the delivery of the New Zealand Masters Games, with the responsibility of the Games Registration system from the prior loading of all sport and other relevant information so that the registration process for competitors, staff, volunteers, and sports coordinators operates accurately and efficiently at all times.

Otago Community Wellbeing

The Masters Games benefits the New Zealand community by encouraging participation in the Games for a healthier lifestyle. It builds lasting friendships and provides people with the opportunity to succeed, whether this means winning or just participating. It enables participation for all, whether as an athlete, a volunteer, or a spectator.

The renewed ability Kiwis have had to attend and participate in large events post-lockdown has played an important part in the health and wellbeing of the community. As New Zealand’s immunisation programme has rolled out, there is more confidence for our mature community to travel and participate, providing much needed social connections.

The Masters Games also generates a sense of pride and participation in our community, delivering 2,500 visitors to Dunedin over nine days, which economically benefits the region of $3 million+. They provide leadership and support to Sports Clubs in their delivery of the various Masters Games events, which in turn improves their knowledge, organisational skills, and the presentation of their various sports. The Masters Games contributes financial payments of over $170,000 back to the local sports associations for helping administer the sports on the Games behalf, another huge benefit to those associations to continue promoting sport in the area.

Masters Games Overview

The Dunedin New Zealand Masters Games has been a trusted sports event for over thirty years. With over sixty different sports on offer, the Masters Games have ‘Sports Partners’ that are responsible for organising and running their own event under the umbrella of the New Zealand Masters Games. It is the largest annual multi-sport event in Aotearoa New Zealand, alternating between Dunedin and Whanganui each year and offering participants from around the country and overseas the opportunity to interact in various sporting and social activities.

Our philosophy is one of participation, with competition being necessary but not all-important. For some, it is about using this as a goal to achieve a healthy lifestyle, whilst for others it is about joining like-minded people or simply achieving their best. It’s about sports, people, culture, fun, and competition!

Our vision is to have more people playing and competing longer. Masters people are competitive, but it’s the social aspect of the Masters Games that gets them coming back year after year and keep playing. No other event combines the opportunity to enjoy a week of sporting competition as well as the chance to catch up with old friends for a bite to eat, a drink, a chat, and a variety of nightly entertainment.

Registrations open 6 September 2023 –